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Arthur = Pheonix named Alcyone - Both elegant, graceful and pretty to look at =P plus with all the times people try to kill him and all he has been through i figure a bird that is reborn from its ashes is a perfect fit =D

Merlin = Dragon named Prometheus - No matter what Merlin will always have a dragon

Gwaine = Tiger named Apples - We all know he likes a bit of danger with a bit of fun...and of course it would have to be a white tiger too =)

Percy = Shark named Nyx - People misconceive the shark species on the few man-eaters, but i imagine him with one when i think of him with a pet

Leon = Bear cub named Squiggles - to me Leon, though immortal, is soft and cuddly

Lancelot = Labrador named Pickles - I think Lance is alot like a labrador so only right he should have one as a pet

Elyan = Parrot named Knox - Honestly i have no clue, couldn't think of an animal I could see Elyan with then thought Parrot for reasons unknown but I think it suits
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1. Fanfic written from Leon's POV (point of view) = Link
2. On set photo of Adetomiwa Edun (Elyan) = Link
3. Gif featuring Gwaine's hair swish = Link
4. Fanmix about Lancelot = Link
5. Fanart featuring any knight pairing = Link
6. Photo-manipulation featuring Arthur/Bradley Link ;)
7. Chibi Percival = Link
8. T-shirt design that is knight-related = Link
9. Screencap of Elyan on horseback = Link Best i could find :/
10. Icon of any knight character with added snow effects = Link
11. Knight cosplay outfit = Link
12. Interview with Eoin Macken = Link
13. Fanfic featuring Leon/Percival = Link
14. Gif featuring Arthur and Leon = Link love leon in this one =)
15. Lovebar featuring Gwaine = Link
16. Limerick featuring any knight character = Link
17. Tweet from Tom Hopper = Link
18. Photoshoot picture featuring Santiago Cabrera (Lancelot) = Link
19. Screencap of Gwaine plus apple (aka "Gwapple") = Link
20. Fanvid featuring any knight character = Link
21. Picspam focused on any knight character = Link
22. Icon featuring any knight character plus horse = Link
23. On set photo featuring sword play = Link
24. Fanmix about any knight pairing = Link
25. Fanfic involving a knight threesome = Link
26. Crossover fanart featuring any knight character = Link
27. Photo-manipulation featuring Gwaine/Eoin = Link
28. Poem about a knight or knights = Link
29. Icon featuring a sword = Link
30. Gif featuring Lancelot and Merlin = Link
31. Quote by Rupert Young (Leon) = Link
32. Poster-style fanart of any knight character = Link
33. Screencap featuring S2 Lancelot = Link
34. Gif featuring Arthur twirling his sword = Link Oddly enough I couldnt find a gif of him twirling his sword o.O and it wasnt for lack of trying, but i found this one and thought maybe it could be acceptable, if not its kewl =)
35. Fanfic featuring Arthur/Gwaine = Link
36. Fanart featuring Merlin and Leon = Link
37. Modelling photo of Eoin Macken (Gwaine) = Link
38. Picspam focused on armour OR weapons = Link i know its Merlin in it but its mainly about Excalibur and its a weapon...best i could find **tear**
39. Legend version of Percival (pic, story, info...) = Link Link Link wasnt sure if it was only meant to be one or the 3 so heres three...1st is story, 2nd is pic and 3rd is info =)
40. Fanart which includes all the knight characters - Leon, Lancelot, Gwaine, Elyan and Percival = Link too cute to resist
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